Facebook is guzzling your Android ressources just like when you go out to party

It may come as a shock to few, but it isn't for most that Facebook just likes to drain your Android device resources. The alternative to this is to use the mobile website of Facebook via the browser and with Chrome notification settings enabled, you can also get notified when you have elements in your Facebook.

This is where the mobile wrapper Metal Pro comes into play for myself and many others. Metal makes use of the Facebook API to wrap the mobile website within itself and allows for a better experience without most of the cons associated with using the official app. The Metal application also does come in a free version which both are available from the Google Play store.

When it comes to browsing social media, we want the experience to be smooth, fast, convenient and fun. This application delivers on its promise and gives you just that. It brings a nice visual touch with it's material design approach.

With the ability to go full screen in Metal you get more real estate on your screen to view the content in a card format that is quite pleasing. This is all base on the standard that Google aims for all apps.

You can even enabled notifications within the application by swiping left to right and accessing the preferences. Light weight application, wraps around what already exist, delivers a smooth and rich experience, what more can you ask?

With the latest move from Facebook to provide a wider selection than just "Like", you also have the ability to make use of the same emoticons in Metal.

The application is extremely resource friendly and will be a definite joy for the lovers of Facebook.

Metal (Free) & Metal Pro are available on the Google Play store.