2VR - a more portable VR headset

So, 2016 is shaping up to be the year of the VR.  Occulus Rift is now shipping, Samsung's Gear VR is super popular.  HTC's Vive is got huge interest.  And Google Cardboard has those cute little viewing boxes that you just gotta try out.

A company called Stimuli has come along and tried to make those Google Cardboard boxes even more portable with 2VR.

It looks a little funky to me, but I like the premise.

A basic phone holder that lines up your phone with your eyes and it looks like glasses and folds away just as easily.

I'm a little skeptical at how well that holder will hold my phone as I wizz my head back and forth, let alone stay on my ears.  But I'm sure they're working on making it the best out there.

Their Kickstarter has perks starting at $15 $17 (limited left) for a headset to be shipped out in June.  That's the early bird.  After those are gone then it's $25 each.

The only thing I'm really curious is why it's 'open', whereas most viewers you see are enclosed ... so does the stray light mean there might be some light interference.

What do you think?

Source:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/337740788/2vr-hands-free-mobile-vr-headset