PowerSquare TANGO makes wireless charging even better!

Having a wireless charging device means that we have to set our device on the right spot to get it to charge normally right? Well TANGO wants to make sure that you can drop your device on any single corner of the charging unit and you'll get all charged up!

Every bit of space is used to charge up your smartphone, tablet or wearable.

While most charging pads require the user to position their phone a certain way to receive a charge, users can simply position their smartphone any which way on Tango to immediately start charging. Tango also allows for the simultaneous charging of two devices and will always work with Qi compliant phones, even when new enhancements are introduced.

Early adopters of Tango can pre-order one on Kickstarter for $65, which is 20% off of the MSRP. Additionally, Tango charging pads and iPhone 6 sleeve combos are available for $65, which is 50% off of the retail price. Universal receivers for phones with micro-USB ports can also be purchased for $15. For more information about Tango, visit http://bit.ly/PowerSquareKick.