Andy Rubin may just make a new 'android'

One of the iconic names when it comes to the history of Android is Andy Rubin.  There's been some joking that the name Android came about because of the similarity of his name and he was once nicknamed Android.  He was one of THE founding architects of the operating system back in the day.

And, then in 2013 he decided to go on and call it quits and has since moved on to various projects.

However, a recent rumour has come to light that potentially his new project over at Playground Global may be the source of a smartphone start up using Android.

It's been a pretty good couple of years for those looking to get into the Android race.  OnePlus has proved the business model, and there've been others like Nextbit who've done quite well.  And we've talked at length in our hangout shows and reviews about how 'the latest and greatest' doesn't always mean better than even last years' specs.

I think it'd be absolutely amazing to see the father of Android build his own phone.

You have piqued my interest (and I usually eschew rumours).

What do you think?

Source:  The Information via Mobile Syrup