Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth headphones are exactly what I was looking for [review]

I've loved Bluetooth devices.  I can't remember the show, but there was a line once that 'put bluetooth in it, it makes everything better' (or something like that).

Well, obviously bluetooth audio is all the rage now, we've reviewed SO many different speaker and headsets lately that it barely is worth doing any more... except that I'm looking for the right set for me.

For sound you just can't beat a good set of wired ones, but as I've been jogging more and more, having a wire is a really terrible thing to have... so I want wireless.

Most of the sets I've come across do a terrible job of staying in your ears.  Well, these new Cheetah models by Mpow are exactly what I've been looking for.  The perfect balance of good sound, able to stay put while you bound around on the pavement and fairly simple controls.

Okay, when I say 'simple', there's a bit of an issue there.  There's only 3 buttons now - a multifunction button (answer/play/pause, etc...) and then a vol+/- button which you use to also skip/prev if you long press.

Personally, I'm against long pressing buttons... especially while jogging, long pressing to skip a song is a little awkward.  Why not move some buttons over to the other ear?

So it's not perfect... but then again I can switch songs using my watch (which is almost as equally awkward).

But the big winner is clipping over the ear to stay put while you move.  Do pay attention to the L/R sides, as when I first went out, I put it on how I thought it should go and halfway through the run they felt awkward and the sound wasn't right.  Turns out I had them backwards (upsidedown?).  Flipped them around and was instantly rewarded with better sound and better stability.

They should last you about 8 hours of playback time... I don't think I'd ever go for a jog that long, or be that long away from a microUSB port to charge them back up.

For $30 (the Green ones I got were $26.39CDN and FREE SHIPPING, other models vary from $26 - $33 depending on the colour) they are cheaper than other models I've seen and used and top them out in just about every way.


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