HTC having a "Cyber Week Sale" where you can save 40%

Funny, how I had just read how Black Friday deals are now creeping across the border, but is starting to slow in the US, I start seeing more 'deals' come our way.

HTC is looking to capitalize on this opportunity by having their own "Cyber Week Sale" where you can get (November 26th - December 2nd):

-          40% off the purchase of an HTC One M9
-          40% off accessories
-          Purchase an HTC RE camera for $100

So, save 40% off an 8 month phone, not bad... but if you go to the site, it's still listing it as $850 unlocked ($650 if you go through a carrier, but it says 'sold out').

I didn't mind the device when i reviewed it back in March, but even at 40% off I'm a little reticent (it'd be $510 for the unlocked version).  But maybe there'll be a quick charge adapter (I don't see it yet).

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