DecalGirl clip case

I used to spend a ton of money at DecalGirl getting vinyl skins to dress up my devices. The range of art, ease of application and excellent cutouts made it easy to individualize your devices. Somewhere along the line I got out of the habit. But with the S6 I'm back and trying a newer product.

I'd been looking for a clip style case because I found the Ringke fusion case added bulk and made using the fingerprint scanner a little more difficult - on the S6 you really need a light touch. I still wanted some protection against falls even with the skin I had on. I love the art at DecalGirl so I headed over to see what was there. They have a range of cases from a hybrids to bumper to wood! Plus the clip case I'd been looking for.

I scrolled through hundreds of pieces of art and ended up choosing a very popular pattern - spoiled for choice I think. Any of the art can be adapted to the product but each product is not offered for all devices.

The Clip Case is a hard plastic case that looks like it will protect corners; the front screen is protected because of the case lip on the sides. The camera/flash cutout is slightly raised to protect the lens. The cutouts on the sides for buttons aresymetrical around the buttons and the case itself is not so deep that it is difficult to press the buttons. Because the case is plastic, it doesn't affect wireless charging.

If you are looking for a case that really reflects your style, check out DecalGirl.