TYLT is suggesting a nifty gadget for the coming holidays and I agree!

The Energi 6K  smart charger by TYLT is one of those addition to the family you don't want to miss. We all know I'm crazy when it comes to accessories for your smartphone mobile lifestyle and TYLT just makes it easier.

The Energi6K provides gives you 2 things; It's a wall charger, so you can just plugin and charge and it doubles up as a 6000mAh portable battery charger.

You may be wondering, why would I need one? With fast charger technology now being built into multiple smartphone devices you may think you don't need it. I for one think you'll need it as it delivers a whooping 2.4A worth of juice. Which should accommodate any fast charge device.

TYLT put's it this way, the device is made to replace your standard wall charger, there's no reason you should be out of juice anywhere you go. Whether this be a road trip, going to the cottage, or simply camping where there's no power. (I know right, who goes camping without power?). You'd be happy to know that the Energi 6K includes TYLT intelligent smart charging technology which prioritizes the device until fully charged.

The micro-USB version (“Energi 6K”) retails for $69.99 @ TYLT.

Keep an eye out for Android Coliseum holiday Gift guide! I'll be working closely with my fellow writers for what we think should be the ultimate 2015 guide.