NFC Ring is offering some extra perks in the last couple days of their campaign

NFC Ring is something I've enjoyed, and right now I've given +Rob Blaich my new Horizon model.  Can't wait to see what he cooks up.

If you're still debating on picking one up, they've added a couple goodies in their Kickstarter.  With just 2 days left to go they've added THE COLLECTION:

2 x 2016 NFC Rings
1 x 2013 NFC Ring
2 x 2016 NFC Inlays
12 x Sweet Spot Stickers

all for ~$108CDN...


There's also a sweet PALADIN model for ~$3000CDN that will net you a Silver, Gold or Platinum version... something your wife might actually let you use instead of your wedding ring (mine wouldn't let me use the Horizon instead of our ring... I said I'd put a link that went to our wedding vows or something, wouldn't that be sweet?)