Do you like to stream content? How about TV? Or something close to it?

Pluto.TV is the name and the key of the game is to bring more rich content to your Android devices. A lot of you might now be used to the digital TV guide you get with either your cable at home or the satellite service, Pluto.TV offers a guide on the content of what they stream. You can of think of the service much like an aggregator, but for interesting shows.

There's enough content to entertain just about anyone. I've found some interesting old Sci-fy classic and some interesting gadget reviews from Cnet and some anime, which kept me out of trouble for most of the day.

The app caught my attention because you can cast to your Chromecast and the content is there live on your TV. This allows me to use the app as a guide/remote to put on whatever else I may want to watch. A TV experience without the need to go for cable or satellite. Now, with that said, don't assume you'll be able to watch your favorite new TV series, that won't happen. This will appeal to people who aren't into watching the NEXT show that comes out live on TV.

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