8bitdo's Zero controller wants to make you go d'awww

I love my game controllers, and I tend to look for games that'll allow me to use them.

8bitdo makes a few controllers that give a real throwback feel to the NES stuff.  And they've been awesome.

Their latest is the "Zero" which isn't so much like the others in trying to look like a NES but more so to just be the world's smallest and cutest controller.

Now, to save on some space they've eliminated the joysticks, so it's very similar to the original NES30, just smaller.

This can limit some of the games you might be able to play on it, but I doubt you'd mind.

Now, you turn it on with the Start button and it should be ready to pair.  Apparently if you power it up with Select, it'll act as a remote shutter, but I couldn't get it to work.

The microUSB charging will power up the 180mAh battery which should get you 20hrs of play time (not that you'd ever go that long without charging I bet).

Overall... it's more novelty than utility... but for $17USD you are definitely going to be able to game a lot easier as you can take it anywhere without issue and it's sure to turn some folks' heads and go d'awww....

Source:  http://www.8bitdo.com/zero/