The next boom is going to be TAP & PAY and this makes NFC a requirement

The next big thing to happen in Canada is surely the TAP & PAY with a mobile device. This isn't going to go away. We have various banking institutions that have brought on their own version, but one of them is standing out at the moment which is RBC.

With their new RBC Mobile app you only need an NFC enabled device running on KitKat and above.

I know a lot of people are waiting for the much anticipated Android Pay and personally I would very much like to see this happen FIRST before Apple. That's just me and I'm an Android FANBOY.

Needless to say, I've been getting the weird look and the WHAT ARE YOU DOING expression when attempting to pay using my Xperia Z2 with the RBC Mobile app. This is going to be the next big thing that's going to hit and people are still clueless about the technology at their disposal.

There's been lots of talk about smartphone without NFC and I had a conversation with many about the subject of NFC. At first, this is before I started to see the benefit of TAP & PAY with my smartphone, I didn't think NFC mattered much to me as I  wasn't using it for anything and to top it off I was considering rooting my phone just for the fun of something interesting to do.

I appreciate the use of NFC more so now with the ability that I have and as for rooting, well, it looks like those days are gone. If I root, I can't use the APP.

Try it out in your area, you'd be surprised at how many people aren't even aware. This is a typical conversation nowadays when I make purchases:

Cashier: Is that all?
Me: yes.
Cashier: cash, debit or credit.
Me: debit or credit either is fine.
Cashier: ok.
Me: tap my Sony Xperia z2 on the pad.
Cashier: hey euh? What are you doing tapping your phone on my machine...
Machine: print receipt with approved status.
Cashier: blink, blink.

**Mind blown**

After a 10 minute conversation with the employees of this fine establishment they realized what TAP & PAY meant and understanding the wireless symbol code on the display as well.