Xiaomi's RedMi Note 2 for ~$200 is a good alternative phablet

Yes, I know... I said phablet.  It's sort of the dirty word around devices, it didn't really exist, almost like an epithet or something.  But it's what I use.

More and more I'm asked by folks what phone would I recommend, and it's really hard for me to say really what I would use would be what they should.  What I hope to be able to do is showcase a bunch of options and let people make decisions for their own.  The big trick is getting folks to become aware of all the options.

I've said it before and it bears repeating; the prices for cellular services in this country are too damned high.  Some folks are starting to notice... getting trapped in for 2 years and paying off some weird math for a subsidy on a phone just isn't making sense.

More folks I know are starting to ask "what else is out there", and recently I've shown you a couple from Xiaomi that are on sale at GearBest. One was a small economic model, the other more midrange.  Well, what if you wanted to get something larger?  5" is starting to become too small for most as bigger than 5" has become more prevalent.

Well, GearBest has on presale right now the Xiaomi RedMi Note 2 on for presale for just $228 with free shipping (until Sept 16 when the pre-sale ends) which is 5.5"... that'll definitely be what most are looking for.

It's funny, at first I thought 5.2" was large, but handle-able.  Then the G3 came in at 5.5" and oddly enough I liked it.  Now the G4 is 5.5" as well.  If I go to anything 5" I immediately notice the size difference and it'll feel small.

What you get used to I guess.

Here's what you'll get used to with the RedMi Note 2

5.5" @ 1920x1080
2GHz Octacore Helio X10
16GB storage + microSD
Android 5.1 (MIUI 7)

So, in terms of specs it'll essentially be the G3 without the QuadCore... and probably better with that octacore processor. And the G3 is no slouch... heck, even Telus just started to carry it; so it's nowhere near end of life.

And it'll be nowhere near the $230 price tag this will be.

Plus, this will also carry the dual SIM - for those of you that want to travel, or keep different plans.  Dual SIM has always intrigued me.

Now only if it had Rapid Charge or Qi... I'd pay extra if they were included.

Source:  http://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_229216.html