More than half of Small Business in Canada are run off a smartphone

So this was supremely interesting for me to read about yesterday.  Intuit completed a study via Angus Reid with Small Business owners in Canada (remember 'small' is <100 employees) and found that 55% of the businesses were being run from a smartphone.

Just as I'm finishing up my summer project at work with high school and college students run their summer businesses - I found many of them had little 'technical infrastructure' (i.e. they didn't need much to run the actual business aside from any specific tools/equipment).  Many were using their phones to enerate invoices, run facebook ads, follow up with clients, respond to emails... a few had some laptops for the bigger things.

It reminded me of that story I read a couple years ago (wish I could find it again) where a CEO of a major company had eschewed his traditional laptop / PC to just use his Galaxy Note 2 for an entire year.

How many of you could get rid of your work computer equipment and solely use a mobile device?

It's been something that everybody sees is growing... the use of mobile computing.  We've been toying at the office about running workshops on how to effectively use your mobile for business (productivity apps, etc...).

And funny how in my work we hear the reports that Canada is still falling behind the rest of developed countries in using digital strategies for marketing; yet Intuit's report also noted that the average Canadian small business owner spent about $1000 on software (whereas the US average is $630).

So what apps do you use for your phone for your work to keep you on top?