WillMyPhoneWork launches Indiegogo to bring more features!

With the rise of the 'affordable lineup' lately, more and more people are looking at the unlocked options, or being able to unlock their devices.  If you're buying the phone affordably, there's no reason to be locked into a contract, so it's a lot easier to be able to shop around for the best monthly rate.

One thing I get asked now and again on this subject is "well, it was a Fido phone, will it work if I take it to Bell?"  Chances are that in Canada there shouldn't be an issue.  But in the US there's definitely more of an issue between carriers.

Even still, it's best to be able to KNOW that the phone will work on the given network.  And this is where WillMyPhoneWork kicks in.  They have an extensive database that you can check against compatible networks.

The site is super useful, and Harris has started an IndieGogo campaign to help advance the site and bring more features.

Here's from his website:

Why are you doing an Indiegogo fundraising campaign?
Adding additional features requires significant development costs. Because the website is free, it can be difficult to raise money for these costs. The lone ads that are on the website only pay a fraction of the website hosting fees. I need your help to bring these features to life.

What features are you looking to add?
There are many features that I’m looking to add. Most of these are features that you, the users, have requested:

  • Covert the website from the old WordPress platform to ASP.NET in order to support new features and significantly boost performance.

  • Add Reverse Look-up feature (example: Show me a list of all phones that are compatible with 4G LTE network in Argentina OR Show me a list of all phones that are compatible with Wind Mobile in Canada).

  • Add an ALL option for Carriers so that you can get look up results from all carriers in a Country rather than searching one-by-one.

  • Add an ALL option for Sub Models so that you can get look up results from all sub models within a Model rather than searching one-by-one.

  • Display more clarity into why a phone is not compatible with a mobile network (example: Right now, we just have a red X when a device is not compatible with a network, I want to add a message explaining why it’s not compatible).

  • Allow users to Share look-up results via email or social media.

  • Show partial compatibility between a mobile device and carrier network by listing the carrier network bands, along with the device band, so you can visually see if the device is fully compatible.

How can I help?
There are many ways that you can help.
  1. Contribute to the fundraising campaign here: http://igg.me/at/willmyphonework
  2. Share the fundraising campaign to friends and family via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. You can use Indiegogo’s sharing tools which are also located on the same website.

With your help, I’ll be able to bring the exciting features to you. Thank you for your continued support!

Source: IndieGogo | WillMyPhoneWork

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