What's WeMail been up to?

I talked about WeMail last week and they've gotten back to me with what their roadmap for the year.

Their idea was to bring an email client that understands the way people like to associate their emails and how the flow of content makes sense. They're very passionate about what they created and it shows.

The email application was designed from the ground ups, which means that it's unique.

Recently they launched the V2 Emoticon feature in their app and the response to the addition has been overwhelming. People are liking the on-the-go reply emoticon option.

The implementation of visual themes and option to customize the look and feel of your mail client was one sought feature by a lot of people and this was completed in an earlier release. Allowing anyone to make it their email client of choice.

In the near future, we will be able to see a widget portion to WeMail which will enhance the experience by providing either notification try option and or visual display on your home screen with interactivty.

One of the biggest thing was for IMPA integration and Exchange, which was a big step. This was something that a lot of people demanded out of an email client and it just makes sense for the business purpose. In between there's been a lot of optimization, performance improvement and just general improvement to make it the best user experience ever. WeMail is on track to reach 500k user base.

Makes me wonder if this can be a game changer in the email business? WeMail is sure keep up to it and hard at work.

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