Terraria lose your cloud saved game? Restore it simply

Okay, so I'm a little addicted to a kid's game called "Terraria".  Dean and I have played it together a fair bit, and when cloud saving had some real issues I would have to play local save games on my phone, so I showed you how to copy save games from one phone to another.

Well, it seems the cloud saving issues aren't 100% worked out, because sometimes I've gone back into the game to try to play my character (or world) and they just aren't there.  What gives?

Here's how to try to bring it back without root.
First you're going to need to go into Google Drive, and in there you'll see a folder called "Terraria", it's where the game is saving all your data

You'll quickly recognize your players' names and worlds... but you'll notice that your character, the one that got jinxed is now 0B.


So, luckily for us, Drive has a feature where it can 'step back in time' to see all the recent versions of the file.  Select the file, and then use the 3 dot action button to see more actions and choose 'Manage Versions'

From there, you'll just have to go back step by step until the file is no longer 0B.  This may mean you have to go back a bit in time for your character; but, since it now saves every 2 minutes it shouldn't be too much in the past, and therefore hopefully not lost too much of what you did.  Besides, better to lose only a few minutes of your latest doings than EVERYTHING.


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