Some advancement in the world of daily communication is needed WeMail is attempting that

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We communicate with each other in various way on an every day basis and that's nothing new. What is new, is how we go about it. WeMail is definitely trying to bring a new form to the concept of email and I think they might be on to something.

Email has an integral role in our daily lives and everyday we rely on it for communication, whether this be for work, at home or simply getting notification that your package is on its way.

I don't see email going away anytime soon, but I do see a shift in how it's used, how the new email generation is coming around and maybe this is a good thing.

WeMail supports 4 services; Gmail,, Yahoo and Aol. The developer does make mention that custom IMAP service and Exchange will be supported soon.

The highlights of WeMail are simple, all emails are grouped by sender to free your inbox from clutter. You can do real-time contextual email searches and organize emails into a chat-like experience. Compose and reply to email directly with built-in voice options and a one-tap access to all documents and photo you've ever exchanged within your conversation.

WeMail has even more to offer if you're willing to explore. They've also included several material theme choices within the application, which should allow anyone to get their preferred look and feel.

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The conversation-like and the look of the emails is what attracted me to WeMail. The emails are reflected in a way to follow a conversation flow, making it easy to follow. The grouping of the emails allows to have an even more clutter free Inbox, but this isn't only aimed at the Inbox, this is for all the folders you have, Sent, All, Trash etc.

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On a great note, it's a free app that's designed from the ground up. It's driven to give you a natural way to communicate using your mobile device and it will adapt your mailbox to ensure that it can reduce it by more than 50%.

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