Ingress 1.81.0 brings Wear support!

I saw this post today (see the embed after the break) and thought it was just a joke, but it turns out that if you get the latest July 14th update (v1.81.0) you can now have Wear support on your wrist for your Ingress game.  (go download it from APK Mirror if you don't have it)

The app on Wear let's you have a mini scanner at the ready - which gives it a radar look and shows you the portals that are near by.

Swiping up or down you can see the portals that are within range.

You can also hack these portals (but no glyph hack, so I won't bother with it... I'm glyph hack or nothing lately).

What's pretty neat is that it gives you a counter for how long it's been since you last hacked (so you'll have to keep in your own mind how long the cooldown is for that portal).

Now Gerwin jokes that the battery will kill your watch as well as your phone, so I'll have to test it out to see.

Next step - bring in firing and deploying!

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