Entry level Moto E LTE makes a debut at Rogers July 15th

Rogers will be making the Moto E LTE (2nd Gen) available July 15th. This is definitely a nice improvement over the first generation we saw. If you're interested in an entry level smartphone, you can make this yours for free on a 2 year contract! You do have the option to buy it at the cost of $149,99.

You have to remember that this isn't a flagship and that the specs are reflected properly in this device.

The display features a nice 540x960 pixel and will run with a 1.2GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 410 processor, it will be complimented with a 1GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 8GB.

You will have the option to add expandable storage via microSD which should allow for more use out of the device. You can be treated to a 5PM rear camera and a 3.7MP front-facing camera for all you-selfie lovers out there.

Surprisingly, the Moto E LTE 2nd Gen runs Android Lollipop 5.0.2 and an update to 5.1 is also scheduled for later this summer.

If you'd like to checkout the infographic and some of what +Sivan Rehan has to say check out our other article: http://www.androidcoliseum.com/2015/03/moto-e-lte-review-not-low-cost-phone.html

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