Google places Clock in the Play Store

It's all the rage now, and it really makes sense.  Separate the apps your 'ROM' (UI) uses so that if you need to make changes, you can just update the app in the Play Store, rather than having to send out an OTA firmware update.

For the most part we're seeing a lot of the OEMs follow Google's suit in how they've made most of their apps available for install separately.  I know it's one of the first few things I do on a phone, install Google's Keyboard, Calendar, Camera apps.  I just love material.. and it's a lot easier and more consistent for me as I move across devices to have one look.

Today, Google launched "Clock" as a separate app.  So... I don't know why, but they did.

Cover art
So, I'm not sure why they released it as a separate app, personally, I like the app they've purchased a while back:  Timely which gives you the peace of mind of syncing all your alarms across your devices; and it's also just pretty.

I just wish Google would consider updating ALL of their apps instead of just worrying about this (I'm looking at you Blogger app... it's been a long time!

Get it on Google Play

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