50,000mAh Power Bank Review (Unbranded) by Andrew Penner

I think +Andrew Penner went crazy with power over the last little while. Check out what he's got to say about this beast.

Several weeks ago a friend of mine told me about “the geek app” - basically “Nerd Heaven” was the words used. It’s powered by Wish Shopping, and is fairly heavy on electronics, phone accessories, and so forth - but isn’t limited to just that

Anyway - after poking around I decided to see if I could find a 2nd larger power bank to augment my first one (see my review on the Fine Life Audio power bank).

Things on my features list this time around: it had to have a healthy capacity, 20,000 mAh or better. (Why? Bigger is always better. Well, almost always…) I also wanted 2 output USB ports, and at least one had to support 2.0 mAh output. Both would be nice, but one at 2.0, mAh, and one at 1.0 mAh would suffice. I wanted a fuel gauge. Even though it would probably not be seen in public, I wanted something that wasn’t flashy - so no blue or red aluminum bodies. And I was looking for a deal. Partly, I wanted a larger pack for Ingress, partly for the kids/wife to charge devices while we’re on the go or traveling, and partly for those power outages that happen every summer (and usually in the evenings when most people’s phones are pushing the red anyway...)

So I found one. It ticked almost all the boxes exactly.
50,000 mAh? Check. 2 USB ports, and at least one has 2.0 mAh output? Check. Fuel gauge, and a good price? Check! Speaking of price I paid $19+$3 shipping - so for under $25 I figured it was worth trying out.

Behold, the beast. 151x79x22mm, according to my tape measure. On the front face is a 4 LED fuel gauge at the top right, lit up in a nice shade of blue. Just below that is the power button in chrome - more on that later. Near the bottom right corner is the label, black lettering on a white background. The overall  shape is similar to a book, as the left “spine” has a curve to it, while the top, bottom, and right edges are slightly concave as you can see in the pictures.

Speaking of the top edge, that’s where the good stuff is. 3 ports and a LED flashlight. As I mentioned before, there are 2 full-size USB ports up there, one is rated at 1.0 mAh, good for iPhones, basic electronics, etc. The 2nd USB port is rated at 2.0 mAh, for the flagship devices and tablets, anything with a larger battery. Centered between the 2 full size USB ports is a microUSB port for charging the pack, and an LED flashlight that’s activated by the power button. Not a whole lot else to see, except on the back - which has a fairly typical regulatory sticker, mostly in what I assume to be Chinese (please correct me if I’m wrong, it could be Korean or Japanese for all I know). Not surprisingly, it’s a fairly hefty unit as well, but I don’t have an accurate scale to give a specific weight.

The packaging also included a short USB cable, and a bunch of adaptors. 4 are different USB ends (including the common micro USB, and the not as common Mini USB. There is one for what I assume is Apple’s 30 pin dock, 2 small barrel connectors of varying sizes, and what I think is for either an old Nokia or Sony phone - I’m not geek enough to know for sure!
So far I haven’t really pushed this thing too much. I received it in the mail the other day, and after a quick examination of the packaging and contents, I plugged it in and left it. Incidentally, it was already showing about ¾ charge, but I figured I’d top it off and see how it did. I’ve had my phone plugged into it on and off throughout the day. For my usage, today was fairly heavy - and I’d top off (or just leave it plugged in) as I went. So far it’s still about ¾ full and I was charging up my phone from about 65% at least twice today (and its topping up for the 3rd time as I’m typing this. I have no doubt it could charge up all our household electronics once - at least.

While “feel in the hand” isn’t something I was too worried about, I have to say, the plastic they used for this thing is pretty terrible. Very hard, and somewhat slippery despite the very faux-leather stamping. And while I’m pointing out flaws, it’s not fitted together very well. Gaps are not even and there’s a sharp edge or corner here or there. As well, the LED for the flashlight does sit higher than anything else around it - including the edges of the case itself - so one bad drop, or if you drop it into your bag, it could be the first thing to go. So far, those are the biggest complaints I’ve had with it.

The flashlight was a nice touch - part of the reason I got this unit was for emergency use - and having a built-in flashlight was a nice touch. It’s activated by tapping the power button twice, tapping it twice turns it off again. This wasn’t a feature I was looking for specifically, but certainly it’s a nice addition. I hope I won’t be needing to use it - but again, it’s nice to have just in case. As far as flashlights go, it’s fairly unremarkable. However - considering it’s got a significant size battery behind it, you could use it a VERY long time before it it died out on you.

I’m sure I’ll update once I’ve had a bit more time with it - but as it stands now I think my portable power bank needs are met rather nicely. The larger bank will be for emergencies, Ingress games, or anything else where I or the family will be away from an outlet for long periods. I’ll still use the smaller - and much more pocket friendly - 3000mAh pack for work days.

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