Share your top 5 must have Android App

We all have apps that we think are the 5 must have apps and everyone should use them, but in the end it's a preference right?

I'm interested to learn what your top 5 apps are and let's see how close or far apart we are on the subject. Maybe you'll learn of a new app in the process or maybe this is going to be the other way around and I'll discover something really awesome from your comments.

1. NiLS Lockscreen Notification
I use this application for one purpose only and this is to display my notification directly on my home screen. Although the app can be used for your lockscreen, I prefer to use the widget portion of it.

2. Pushbullet
I use this app like it's going out of style, from texting from my PC to pushing links and images to other devices this is a piece of wonder.

3. Nova Launcher
By far the best launcher, one can use if you ask me. Now that Nova Launcher has gone all material and Lollipop craze, it's definitely looking good for them. There's hardly any limit that this launcher can surpass vs your typical OEM launcher.

4. Authy 2-Factor Authentication
Something to consider is a 2 step authentication system. A lot of services are now offering this method and the Google Play store does have some apps that cover this. This is one of the best app to use if you're often using 2 step authentication.

5. SafeInCloud Password Manager
As the name implies, it aims to be the ultimate password safe. It uses the standard 256bit AES encryption for the database of your password. The database can be locally stored or in the cloud and it's always encrypted.

We're interested to hear from our readers, so come and comment and tell us what you're must have apps to use.