It was nice to meet you Lollipop!

I installed OxygenOS (lollipop) on my OnePlus One during the first week of April. After rocking it for over 5 weeks, I wanted to reset my device because of a battery problem that started happening three weeks into my lollipop experience. After a full charge, my battery was showing 100% for hours before “draining” really fast and unexpectedly shutting down at around 38%. Was this due to OxygenOS? Who knows?

Another problem I experienced was randomly happening when listening to music over Bluetooth. The sound was dropping to almost zero and to get it back up, had to go back in my sound settings and slide down then back up the sound slider. With all this boohoo going on, I had enough and decided to re-install OxygenOS on a fully wiped device. I pushed the CM11S files back on my device with fastboot and when I was about to flash the OxygenOS zip file in TWRP, I decided I’d be better to stay off it. Going back to Kit-Kat was my plan but I think for now, I will enjoy more KK than lollipop until Google and OP fixes some bugs.

I will definitely wait for the first OxygenOS update before moving back to lollipop. But what about upgrading to CM12? Um… no. I still don’t want to do so; I keep hearing bad reviews and just a few days ago, CM stopped rolling out the latest OTA that fixed touch screen issues because of excessive battery drainage.

It’s funny how we get used to the latest Android updates with all the new options and all the bling. I really like the animations and transitions in lollipop so going back to a previous version of Android feels a bit ewww. I guess I’m the kind of guy nowadays that put more importance over a stable version of Android rather than its “wow” aspect!.. for now anyways.

Have you ever go back to a previous version of Android because of bugs or have you just learned to live with them?