Finding content to share [Scredible vs. Klout]

So these days many of us are consuming a lot of media each day.  Reading social media, the newspaper, listening to the radio... and more and more the media we consume comes in a digital format and usually on our phone's screens.

social media actions
When we come across something good we want to share it with others on some sort of social platform

Some of us use Feedly, others BlinkFeed, or many other variants.  Now the trend these days si to share content that gets the most engagement out there as much as possible.  Some will argue that that engagement comes from pre-amble of the sharer and the relationship that they've built with their audience.. others will argue that the content is kind and the better and more unique the content, the more likely there will be engagement; regardless of the preamble.

Those are 2 extreme views, personally I think it's somewhere in the middle ... and probably closer to the first than the latter.  But that's my opinion... I'm sure there's a million SEO experts out there who'll tell me I'm wrong (I tend to get a fair number of emails from them about how my website should be doing better and with some consulting from them I can become the next big site).

So with the idea of trying to find great, unique content, there's 2 apps that have come across my desk... one I've used off and on for a bit... the other a fairly newer one.  Let's see what you think of either of them.  I present to you Scredible vs. Klout

(I'm going to first mention that for either of these social media sharing apps - only Klout integrates G+)

I'll start with Klout, you may have heard of them for a while now.  Some folks talk about how well their "klout score" is doing (mine's 51... not sure what that means).

Klout is aimed at scrolling through your interests and then finding articles, and it'll mark some that are 'hot' or 'new' and then you read it by tapping and swipe up the articleto set it up to share.

You can add your own preamble and then set it up to share with your connected accounts.  What's really nice is that it allows you to schedule a post - and shows you when the 'hot times' are.

The idea being that the more you share specific topics, the more those kinds show up in your feeds.  Sure there are obviously some paid ones in there too... which leads to 'perks'.  As your score rises, you can earn Klout perks - right now I have a perk to get 2 months free of Next Issue (new subscribers only get 30 days).  I'm sure it gets better.

Get it on Google Play

Now, for Scredible, they do a little more indepth on determining your interests by helping you build 'bots'.  These bots are meant to help find unique content out there for you to share to your networks.

Oddly enough, signing in with Twitter or Linkedin works no problem on the web for Scredible, but trying to do so on the app causes it to crash.  Must be just a bug... luckily I have Facebook as it's the only authorization that seems to work to login.

With your bot in place, it now makes up a 'reading feed', similar to Feedly.  However, with my Bot's info, it generated a lot of the same sites I already subscribe to on Feedly.

The unread count will nag at my OCD and I'll do my damnedest to make sure it's at 0 (and I struggle enough with Feedly on its own)... I wish it didn't have that.

You can customize your bots with topics and keywords.

Picking an article you can read through it and choose to share; or you could pick to exclude it from the list (I really don't need to be reading 9to5mac or Macrumours), which is nice.

Scredible lets you bookmark, or make notes on articles for you to review later on.  It will also give you the 'engagement' level of your shares.  Hopefully that's a true 'engagement' and not just a tracking of my own activity.

I've only been using Scredible for a day, so I haven't really done much with it yet, but I'll be interested to see what it does (I do love my charts and graphs).


Okay, now to compare the 2... Obviously there's an attraction to Klout with the name recognition of the 'klout score' as well as the 'klout perks'... and I do have to admit, I saw more 'unique' articles reading through their stream than with Scredible.  But Scredible does look nicer and has a more enriching experience, and only just using it for a little bit, I'm sure it becomes even more rich as time will go on.

For those who are in it for 'the score', I'll say go check out Klout.  For those that want a nice experience, I'll say Scredible.  But if you're like me, you'll keep them both on your phone for when you have some spare time in your day to have a read through.