FileChat brings social activity to your cloud files

With web2.0+ the idea is that we 'live' and interact online more and more.  Which I'm cool with.

There's a new beta app / service out there called FileChat - which blends your cloud storage with a social element.

Sure, you're going to apps like Drive or Dropbox allow commenting already - but usually they're only at the individual file level.
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FileChat currently has support for Drive and Dropbox but aims to have many more soon.

Within the FileChat web app or the Android app you can select a folder and invite a team to make comments and upload to the whole group.

Here, let's see it in action.

Seems pretty cool; the downside is that like most services it's only available if all the team are using the service (i.e. no outsiders allowed in... you could send them a dropbox sharing link, but they wouldn't see the FileChat).

What do you think?  It's free to sign up, and could really be useful for group work.

Get it on Google Play

Press release is below:

FileChat Launches to Bring Social to Cloud Storage
New, Free Web and Mobile Application Allows Users to Socially Collaborate on Documents, Photos and Videos Within Their Dropbox or Google Drive
New York and Paris, May 6, 2015 – With consumers and businesses doing more work than ever in the cloud, it is vital that users have intuitive and powerful ways to access and collaborate on documents, photos, files and videos, whether on a PC, Mac or mobile device. To help make the cloud a social experience, FileChat today announced that it has launched its platform which delivers innovative features that allow users to chat, “like” and vote on any of their files to harness the power of cloud based storage like never before. 
FileChat is currently free and will be adding premium services/levels in the coming months.  FileChat has secured a $3 million round of funding from private investors to support the development and launch of the platform.
FileChat is available at (web version), (Android app) and at the Apple App Store (iOS app).

FileChat supports Dropbox and Google Drive with a seamless collaborative experience on PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. Additional cloud platforms, including OneDrive, Box and Amazon Cloud Drive will be added in the near future. The new FileChat application will help web and mobile users improve their cloud storage experience by making it faster, easier and more intuitive, as it provides more than just the “chat” elements provided via other cloud applications.  FileChat provides a tailored chat room that’s based in any chosen folder or file within a user's Cloud.
By adding social elements directly to cloud storage services, FileChat improves productivity and efficiency and allows everyone to use their favorite cloud storage platforms for much more than simply storing files. FileChat also offers the first powerful search tool dedicated to discussions on documents saved on cloud storage, so users can quickly find what they are looking for.
FileChat is also available on mobile devices as a native app that offers a seamless experience, wherever users are located. Directly from a smartphone or tablet, users can:
     get real-time notifications for every FileChat event/update
     stay engaged in every conversation with their team members
     preview and edit files using the users’ preferred apps

“Proven cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive and Dropbox need an easy and common way to make collaboration and messaging more effective for businesses and consumers alike.” said Alberto Escarlate, CEO of FileChat. “The new FileChat application gives users complete control over their cloud and will usher in a new way of managing documents and files and discussing them in one single user-friendly platform.”

FileChat redefines the cloud experience so that users will never lose control of their files and the conversation around it. FileChat directly integrates with all major cloud storage platforms, including Dropbox and Google Drive, leaving all documents and files in the secure cloud environment. Owners of a FileChat discussion can easily invite new guests to view and collaborate on the files and remove guests as needed. With the extensive controls provided, the owner can give new participants the ability to add files and content, vote and chat.