CRTC to force the big 3 to lower their roaming charges

With the latest CRTC ruling to force the big 3, Rogers, Telus, Bell to lower their roaming charges for smaller carrier to invigorate competition in the wireless market space, it begs to ponder what will this provide Canadians with?

This could lead multiple possibilities, but as of right now we can't say what or how this will affect the public.

One of the possible outcomes with this decision; would allow a company like Wind Mobile to offer unlimited roaming on partner networks Canada wide or at least if not that, a package that allows unlimited roaming Canada wide.

Being able to make use of the partner network such as Bell, Rogers or Telus would allow for a broader range and reach for this smaller carriers and maybe force a competition war in the wireless market space with lower prices on the plans.

Yeah, I might be dreaming, but it's certainly a possibility.

On the other extreme we could see the big 3 just increase the prices overall and make the consumer just eat it. +Clinton Hammond brought up a good point, they could just turn around and start charging infrastructure fees and feedback to us and the smaller carriers.

Anyway you look at this, we will get good things out of it and bad things, it's a balance of good and evil. Certainly I would rather see just a major good side to this, but I have learned to expect a serving of both.

What's your take on these changes? I'd like to hear back from you guys and let me know!