Changes to our commenting system a-comin'

So, stay tuned, hopefully by the end of this week we'll have a new commenting system on our website available.  We've had some discussion with various folks over the ... well 2.5 years we've been writing about our commenting system.

This week I'll be making the switch to disqus, which means that if you're coming from 'wherever' you'll be able to comment, and not just the folks on G+.

What this means is that we'll lose all previous comments on articles up to the date that it switched.  So things will look a little blank for a while (it can't import G+ commenting unfortunately); however any G+ posts created by those comments will still exist and you can still interact on those should you be able to find them.

So bear with us through this transition... we'll have to figure out how we can moderate the comments (i.e. will we be able to do it through blogger or via disqus' site itself) seeing as it was nice to have everything notifiable via G+.

But, onwards to better things!



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