About.me's 'Intro' app goes live

There are a lot of social apps out there, so many that it boggles the mind.  But one downside to all these is that it usually means that someone has to be a member of social network in order for you 2 to interact.  "Facebook me" doesn't work if the other person doesn't have Facebook.

Well, there's one web app I've always liked... it's 'semi-social' in the sense that it connects to all the other social networks, but acts as a sort of centralized repository for your links to the various social entities that you belong to.  That's About.me.

It's kind of nice to have one sort of housing website that quickly describes who you are and where you can be found.

Cover artToday, About.me launched their app... well, not really, but it introduces a social realm to the About.me world, by allowing you to share your page with any contact.

The idea being that if you've just met someone you can send them your 'digital business card', i.e. your About.me page - the idea being then that they could then choose how to contact you afterward.

From the main page you can pick to send the card via phone (text) or via email.  

Within the app you can track to whom you've sent your card, as well as who has sent you theirs.

If you're on About.me, come check me out at About.me/ryanmmoore (you can join up using my invite)

Get it on Google Play