When the weather is the talk, Amber Weather Widget should be at the forefront!

Now that spring has finally pushed through, maybe it's that time where we need to take a good look at the weather app we're using.

Amber Weather Widget has been a constant forefront runner with the might of such other app like; Beautiful Widget, HD Widget, 1Weather etc.

Why not try something that's different? With Lollipop and material design it just makes a great deal of sense to go with something that follows suit.

With its new look and charm, Amber Weather Widget is sure to be a favorite of many. Let's take a look at what it offers in terms of weather reporting.

"Amber Weather brings you high quality designs of weather widgets from different designers and artists. We are trying to beautify your home screen by providing various weather widget themes in our "Customize Store". Every week, we will release at least one new widget to the store."

They've made a commitment to bring you just the best experience!

They offer the ability to have a transparent weather widget so that you can match the background image on your display with the weather theme of your choice. You'll be able to get daily, hourly reports and all the current detailed conditions. The interface is intuitive, a glance at the temperature here or the wind factor here and you exactly know what to wear before you leave the house.

The automated location service within the app makes it easy for you to get the exact feel of the weather where ever you are without compromise, if that's not for you, you can set your own locations. The application brings forth multi weather data source service to make sure you get the exact condition in your area.

You'll be glad to know that Amber Weather Widget is fully compliant with Lollipop and AndroidWear making it the perfect companion for your existing device or new one! The expandable, weather from the notification bar allows you to see the current weather and the future forecast just at your finger tips.

What more can you ask? Well, since you've asked, there's planned implementation of the Doppler and the radar map which should complete this application, but that's not all, in the near future, you'll be able to customize many elements of your widget.

If you want to give it a whirl, head on over to the Google Play Store,