Magzter - Magazines from around the world!

The thing about magazines is most people read them once then recycle them. Magzter is here to help with the recycling but the standout feature is the availability of international magazines.

Magster is an international streaming magazine subscription service. While you have a paid up membership you have unlimited access to over 2500 magazine titles and the opportunity to purchase specific issues as well as the subscriptions. There are two subscription levels $9.99 for unlimited and $4.99 for 5 titles. Apps are available for Android (Google Play), Kindle Fire, Amazon App Store, Apple iOS, Windows 8, and the web.

The app runs very smoothly on my TabS and has a great discovery model. After logging in I was asked to select 4 interests and some magazines were suggested. Touch a choice and choose from current or back catalogue issues. App design follows google guidelines with respect to the hamburger menu in the top left corner for magazine categories but keeps some options (settings, etc) along to bottom. Once the magazine is downloaded and open there is a bar along the bottom where you can quickly skip to pages of interest. Downloading the magazine is quick and I had very little issues. If you will be traveling without data you can download items ahead of time.

The magazine format it pretty plain jane with no media links, it is almost like a pdf file so there is no translating. I didn't see an area in the setting where you could restrict the amount of space the app uses or remove magazines after they are read.   

If you are interested in magazines from around the world I suggest taking advantage of the free trial.

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