Aviary vs. Snapseed - both have nice recent updates to make great edits to your photos

Editing photos... it's often something that's pretty necessary for the way we take often hastily take our photos with our phone.

And I don't just mean adding some 'valencia' filter for your instagram account.   I mean really editing the photo, doing some cropping, some highlighting, sharpening, levels adjustment etc...

2 apps recently have had a really big overhaul in terms of their UI:  Snapseed & Aviary.

I've put up a post on Google+ about which editor you prefer:

Personally I'm really torn between the 2 for my go to editor.  Photoshop is a little over the top for normal usage, but it does serve a need.  I should really re-do my article from a couple years ago on photo editing on Android.

So, both Snapseed and Aviary have added in material design (more so in Snapseed, them being owned by Google and all).  I'm finding the edge is with Snapseed.

What do you think?  Some sample shots below of how the new updates look

Here's Aviary some of the basic design is still looking like last version, but the animations are coming in line with material.  There's a lot of options, but a lot of them are still very basic... so super simple and straight forward to use.

For Snapseed it's very material look.  What I like is now getting to see the histogram of the photo before and after an effect is added.  Plus you have way more options, like specific 'spot editing' and very adjustable features (like being able to rotate the focus bubble).