Android Wear update rolling out to others!

Yesterday we were provided with information about a new update to Android Wear, but not only that, we were also being informed that an updated firmware was inbound. This latest addition brings a few changes to the app and to the wear devices. Those changes will bring Wi-Fi support, always-on apps, redesign of the Android Wear interface, maintenance and bug fixes.

Don't worry, all these changes are coming up shortly. We should see the update (if not already) pup on the Google Play Store for the wear app and for your smartwatch it could be a few days before the update hits. The update to Android Wear brings some redesigned elements, you will still be greeted with a photo of the pair watch at the top of the app but all the sections below will feature Google card style format. This will allow for a better and cleaner look of the cards and options.

Without skipping a beat, you will now notice a section for apps, selecting "More" will launch the Google Play Store, this will bring you directly into the available apps for wear. A prominent change on the wear app, is the top left corner, you can now pair more than one device to your smartphone.

What's grabbed a lot of attention is the "Wi-Fi" support, everyone lifted and eyebrow and you can visibly see all the interrogation marks at the top of their head. This isn't the only to grab attention, cloud sync was introduced was well.

If you have a wearable device, I highly encourage you to check out and see if you got the updates to both the device and app. As you usual, comment and discussion are always welcomed!