Android Handwriting Keyboard [video]

I really loved the concept of the Note line up.  Having a pen to scribble was really a great way to go... and then I find out that I can swipe around on a keyboard much faster than I could a pen.  And oddly enough, for some reason when I had my last update on my Note 8, the handwriting feature no longer really works (it's probably a glitch with the software and a good  rewrite of the APK would be in order, but I rarely use it anyway).

Then recently Google released their own handwriting keyboard.  There's lots out there already, but Google's adding to the mix, and it works right in line with their existing keyboard - so it just makes sense.

Here it is in action:

Now, the bigger question really remains as to 'why'... is Google looking to have a new Nexus 'Note' line up?  Both Asus and Samsung have a great history of providing Nexus devices and have had success with a pen for a device.  And the rumour about LG's stylus might lend even more creedence to this possibility.  Hrmm...

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