What are the things you wish Google didn't hate Canada for?

I don't know who started it... but I've been using the #GoogleHatesCanada hashtag for a long time now.

Some of the things that I used to rant about have gotten better, but we're still a ways yet.  Here's what I'm hoping for still:

  • Google Wallet
  • Chromebooks
  • All the Wear (ZenWatch still isn't in Canada on the Play Store)
  • Get Your Business Online (GYBO.com doesn't work for Canadians... GYBO.ca does, but doesn't have nearly the same amount of resources)
  • Google Now command "what am I listening to"
  • etc...

There's probably a lot more.. those are just the few off the top of my head.

I could just stroll through a +Google post and see how many times you'll see a comment by me or another Canadian where it's "What about Canada".

Well, some humourist has decided to make it a tumblr feed unto its own and given the hashtag a series of memes ... how Canadian.  Poke fun of our own sad situation.  (Well done +Jace Hernandez and +Frank Meraglia it gave me a good morning giggle, and keeps me from crying)

What are the memes you would add, or services you're waiting for?  Sound off in the comments.

You can submit your own at:  http://googlehatescanada.tumblr.com/submit

We should probably make some master list and flood Google HQ with our requests.  Just started something pretty quickly here.

Source:  http://googlehatescanada.tumblr.com/