TAG Heuer, Google and Intel announce partnership for a luxury watch

How much of a response are people having to the Apple Watch?  A lot.

I'm still getting asked if my LG G Watch is the 'iWatch' by the odd person here and there, but there's already lots of people trying to bring up the term 'watch' in tech talks lately; as well as tons of OEMs scrambling to make their own.

One group that's not 'scrambling' but 'planning' is TAG Heuer, who you know as one of those famed Swiss watch makers, who makes upper quality, fashionable watches (I can't afford any of them) has decided it needs to be in the space, so has asked to partner with Google and Intel to build a luxury watch.

Well, I don't really know who asked who to be honest.  Whether Google wanted to have a luxury watch maker build an Android Wear in response to the Apple Watch, or vice versa... either way there's potential for an amazing looking Android Wear device.

Looking at TAG's lineup, which usually starts about the $2k mark, I can't imagine the watch will be at all on the 'cheap' side.  Then again, without any of the Swiss mechanics, it's tough to tell - then again, you are paying for the premium brand name and the brand experience.

I'll be interested to see what they do with Android Wear, whether they're allowed to customize it (as some watch makers are starting to ask Google about), or whether it'll be a special Wear face that is only available to that device.

Only 'time' will tell.

Source:  Business Wire | +Android