Sonic Runners [Game Recommendations by Dean]

So my son Dean has had the week off of school and tried a bunch of new games.  Yesterday we showed you Crossy Road, today we show of Sonic Runners.  He's been loving the Sonic universe with the shows on Netflix, and several of the games we have on Wii (Colours, Unleashed).
Cover art
Sonic Runners is a basic left-right side scrolling running game, with a Sonic twist.

Weird getting used to a 'triple jump'.

What's hilarious about playing it with Dean is how easily and quickly he bypasses any latent attempts at in-app advertising.  He just is oblivious to it (either because he just wants to play the game and knows it's all just ads you can skip, or because he's still not great at reading... I'm thinking it's a bit of both).

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