King Of Thieves [Game Recommendations from Dean]

Cover artIn my series of games that my 7 year old recommends we all should play we're continuing from Crossy Road, to Sonic Runners and on to today's listing of King of Thieves.

Developed by ZeptoLab (the guys who made Cut the Rope) it's a nice little brain teaser of a game where a little ninja looking character gets to jump around a dungeon to nab some gold.

If it were that simple, it might be boring, but ZeptoLab doesn't do boring.  You get your own dungeon you can set up with traps and whatnot and upgrade them as you can afford.  There's lots of things to upgrade, or speed up the process with some in-app purchases... and I just find it hilarious how quickly my son disregards that stuff and gets to playing.  Like especially when he runs out of keys to break into a new dungeon, he'll hit the 'watch video to earn 2 keys' and actually put the phone down for the 15 seconds and then get back into it as soon as the video's over (ad blindness is strong in his generation).

Well, here he is explaining it to me

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