Gmail now let's you see 'All' emails from all your inboxes

You know, unlike the Drive updating to allow Photos, I didn't really see a need for this one, but now that I see it... it's pretty cool.

Some folks like to keep their email separate, they'll even have different mail apps for different accounts.  Personally, I like Gmail... so much so I use it to handle my Hotmail and Exchange emails on my devices.

Well, soon, an update to Gmail will save you the clicking back and forth between accounts to find the email you want, as you can now see all of your emails from all accounts in one massive list.

Some may say it'll get messy.  But I like it.

C'mon Google... update for me.

The update will also allow for threading messages from non-Gmail accounts and improves animation.


/see previous post for 'me waiting patiently' gif