Get ready for camping with a deal on this camping pot charger [deal]

Yeah, in some areas of the country we're starting to see the glimpses of spring and warmer temperatures.  For me, most of the snow is gone and it already has me out in the shed checking on my outdoors equipment.  My son and I can't wait to get out and camp and canoe.

Normally when I get out into the wild I leave behind my devices, but there are the occasions I like to 'sit and camp' and then when the car is closer to the site I don't mind having my phone available for me to read a book or take a few pictures.

The problem is that I then have to worry about battery.  I don't like to use the car charger as it could eventually drain it if I'm there for any length of time and the car would sit idle (i.e. the alternator wouldn't be re-charging it).  I could bring a bunch of battery packs, or I've had my eye on a couple solar chargers, but my experience has been that they are pretty slow at best.

And then there's this neat object.  On sale for $100 this cooking pot has a thermoelectrical doo-dad (it's a real term, look it up) it converts the heat from the fire into electricity to charge your device.

Just don't hold your device too close to the fire.

I'm really tempted.  When I usually sit and camp, we bring out the ol' Coleman, so it would work just the same!

Do you camp much with your devices?

Source:  StackSocial via AndroidSpin