First stand alone Phone/Safety smartwatch for kids & seniors!

Always Know Where Your Child is with GPS Tracking
One-Touch 911 Emergency Calls for Seniors without Embarrassing “I’ve Fallen” Pendant

Speed Dials up to 3 Pre-Set Numbers, “Find My BURG,” 2 Day Extended Battery Life & Advanced Miyota Watch Movement

Affordably Priced at $129, Water Resistant, Available in 8 Cool Colors: Light Blue, Orange, Lime, Red, Pink, Navy, Gray, & Black

BURG® 31, the first standalone phone/safety smartwatch for kids and seniors. The BURG 31 gives parents peace of mind knowing where their child is at all times and lets adult children monitor and quickly respond to their senior citizen parent emergencies.

This is accomplished through the  GPS tracking and “Find My BURG” features that provide one-touch emergency SOS calls, speed dialing of up to 3 pre-set numbers, and an extended standby battery time of 2 days.  The round-shaped BURG 31 features advanced Miyota watch movement with traditional analog hands displaying time on the watch dial.  The BURG 31 is based on a 20-year history of BURG lifestyle, fashion experience from the most advanced wearable technology company in the industry.

The BURG 31 smartwatch features:
- Standalone mobile phone.
- Speed dial up to 3 phone numbers.
- Miyota watch movement.
- Includes micro SIM card inside.
- GPS tracking system.
- One-touch SOS 911 emergency caller.
- “Find My BURG” feature tracks phone’s location.
- Targeted to the children’s market:  protects kids with GPS tracking features.
- Targeted to senior market:  makes emergency calls, replacing the expensive “I’ve fallen” pendant that seniors have an aversion to wearing.
- Full phone functionality:  makes and receives calls with its speakerphone using the included SIM card or paired with your Android, iPhone or other smartphone.
- 2 day standby time, 2-3 hour talk time.
- Weight : 5 ounces, Measurements:  1½” x 1½” x ½”.
- Water resistant.
- Internal Flash Memory: 128Mbits.
- Rechargeable Li-ion Battery with 1-2 hour charging time.
- 3-4 hours media player time.
- Uses Micro USB 2.0 cable for charging (included).
- Wireless data support.