Xunlei Time Cloud - Crowdfunded project

What makes Time Cloud different than other cloud storage options on the market? It’s private cloud storage, you can only access it and it doesn’t use a shared network. This results in faster access to your content and this is obviously dependant on your own home network.

With the public storage such as Dropbox, Box, Drive etc, the data is housed on with millions of users and since so many people are accessing them at any given time you’ll sometimes encounter latency issues.

Some people have reverted to creating their own cloud storage service for themselves, but that can also cause challenges. This is why Time Cloud is here.

What does the Time Cloud do?

- Super-fast transfers with Gigabit Ethernet, up to 60 times quicker than public cloud services
- Dual-core 4 HT network chip + 256M high speed DDR3 memory
- USB 3.0, SD-Card reader and Gigabit Ethernet port
- Transfer and access your images straight from your phone without having to go through a computer 
- Choose auto backup to send all your images to the Time Cloud every time you're within range
- Access your data anywhere, wirelessly
- Share and access Time Cloud with up to 8 users across phones, tablets, laptops or even smart TVs. - - Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and OS X.
- Plug and play with your LAN connection to link up with routers and mobile HDDs, no settings required.