Video Editing and Picture Snapshots Frame by Frame

Taking pictures is one of those things I'm very picky about. I love features like Sony's TimeShift Burst, or HTC's Zoe that lets you take a 3 second video and find that perfect frame. Having a 2 year old son that never sits still, this has proven useful on many occasions. I have found an app that'll let anyone do the same, taking a picture of that perfect frame within a video.

I'm talking about an app called VidTrim. With VidTrim you have an entire host of options.

Most of these features are pretty standard across other videos editing apps as well, but the one that stands out for me is "Grab Frame"

Grab Frame allows me to take a video and play it and stop the video at a desired location to snap a couple of pictures. The arrows on the right hand side that looks like a "Next Track" button will advance your video to the next frame, allowing you to find that perfect moment.
Of course the quality of the picture will only be as good as the video, so recording in 1080P or even 4K for newer phones may be a good habit to get into, if you plan on snapping pictures later.

For me, owing a Nexus 6 that lacks any kind of software like Sony's Timeshift Burst, HTC's Zoe, or Samsung's Best Shot, VidTrim gives any Android device the ability to do the same.

VidTrim is Free if you don't mind dealing with ads. However, for people like me who hate ads, it also has a paid version, which I highly encourage. Supporting our developers is a great way to keep great updates coming for this app.

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