Soon you can Chromecast from VLC for Android

The world's most sellingest streaming device is going to be able receive video streams from one of the worlds' favouritest video players.

VLC for Android recently dropped it's BETA phrase and is a full fledged app and as far back as June we heard that they were going to be looking into being able to Cast.

Well, a recent dig through some changelog for the upcoming 3.0 version of the app and you'll see that there's distinctly a section marked for Chromecast.

Nice.  So what this will mean, I'm guessing, is that it will have to find a way to send video from either the device (or the desktop app... who knows which will get it first) to the cloud for the Chromecast to stream it (or will we be finally be able to cast directly to the Chromecast?)

Anyways, I'm ready to try it out (I've almost given up on my network of sharing folders to my upstairs GoogleTV as it never mirrors files like it should... so I could easily put movies on my phone and then cast them).

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