Like the new logo? Thank you, Rob Blaich

We're just over 2 years old and as we're continuing to grow I've been thinking about how we can adapt to our growth and see what kind of changes we can make.

You'll notice the Hangout shows are back on... that's one.  Hopefully some more changes are in the wings, but as we mentioned in the 101st show +Rob Blaich has offered his graphic designing skills.

I loved the real fiery Coliseum we had and that real punching Android.. but with the recent trend has been for more simpler looks lately (look at material, or flat, or Metro), Rob has done a really cool job adapting the logo.

You've already seen it on our Facebook, G+ and twitter pages, and well, even on the site right now.

But here it is again.

Thanks again, +Rob Blaich