DroidCon coming to Montreal on April 9th

I often lament about how my friends in the US have all these opportunities to get together with other Android geeks and talk about how cool Android is etc... there's the BABBQ, the BAMG, etc...

Well, in Canada we have had AndroidTO, which I've really enjoyed going to. And it looks like there's now another option dans la belle province:  DroidCon Montreal on April 9-10th

They have some of their keynote speakers already lined up and some you may recognize, some you may not... either way, it looks to be a great event:

  • Jake Wharton & Jesse Wilson (Square)
  • Ty Smith (Twitter)
  • Kevin Grant (Tumblr)
  • and more...

The event definitely looks to not be as 'developer focused' as AndroidTO is, so I'm definitely looking into my flight options!

Hopefully I won't have to learn French.  (Will I have to wear a Habs jersey?)

Costs are $250 right now until March 1st, where they go up to $350.  Pricey, but it is a 2 day conference.

Source:  http://www.droidcon.ca/