Batteries about to get a lot better with this new technology

A while ago I've asked you what it was that you were looking for in your next phone.

There were some pretty interesting answers about how you saw what would make the next flagship even sexier, but common among the answers is getting that "all day battery".


Sure, folks like +Martin Guay have shown you some cool ways to help you save your battery as much as possible.  Personally, take out the Ingress use on my phone and mine will easily last my whole day.  But anyways... for most folks have a great need for a long lasting battery.

And thanks to SolidEnergy it may look like we could just get that.

They've been working on a better battery technology that almost halves the size of our current batteries.

Now this won't probably be this year, or even next (tho' their website says they're hoping for a 2016 commercial viability.

Coolest of all, it looks that it will hopefully be launching on the Project Ara smartphone.  So fears some have had about all the modularity (sp?) of the device might impinge on it's ability to have a good battery (in most phones we really cram the most out of ever square millimetre, so add in those docking ports and you may not get as much mAh in there as you like).

So, what do you think?  I think it'd be awesome to have my G3 last 2x as long without having to get bulkier batteries (remember my ZeroLemon case?  it was HUGE)

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