Android Wear watch faces CRAZE!

With the growing number of watch faces, it's impossible not to get carried away by swapping them in and out constantly. I'm GUILTY of just that!

One could say it's an addiction, just like my accessory purchasing is! +Tom Gray could comment quite a bit on that. I'm looking forward to seeing everything that will be pushed to our Android Wear devices, from watch faces, apps, widgets and more.

For the Android Wear user's in our community, I'd like to point out my favorite watch faces to date.

1. STATION - Tha Phlash

2. Dual Watch Face - RichFace

3. Odyssey Premium - Zuhanden

4. Futuristic RichFace

5. Notifier RichFace

6. XWatch - THX17

These are the watch faces I've been playing around with in the last few days. There's plenty of choices on the Google Play Store.