Niantic's Ingress branching into the real world

Ingress, the game where invisible portals exist and only your 'scanner' (i.e. your phone) can see an interact with them.

For a game of make believe, it's very real to a lot of people (real in the sense that they take it very seriously) - and Niantic has been looking at ways at bringing the game to life in other ways.

There was the HINT partnership where you can get passcodes for drinking the branded water for more XM for your scanner... now there's our very own Canadian +Glider Gloves:

Very cool.  We've reviewed Glider a few times on our site and like them!  Now you can showcase your enlightened or (ick) resistant side.

But that's not all... next up is a coming partnership with Anker where they want to have some branded power supplies (I mean, it is the biggest battery chewer out there I know of, especially when it's cold enough you'll need those Glider Gloves).

What do you think +Niantic Project should look at next?

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