Santa Tracker Returns

So it's December, and that means several annual traditions come out.  For my son, it's just one month long of "SOOOOOOOOON" and he gets right into it with pressuring us to put up our decorations and then he has a couple daily tasks himself.  One is to eat one of his chocolate advent calendar windows and the other is to find his buddy Zoom.

Adding to it this year will be playing with the Santa Tracker app.  He didn't really get into it last year, but this year he has his own device and is loving installing things when we let him.  So he's checking out the daily offerings it provides.

This year promises to have some fun they say, aside from just tracking Santa on his big night (it's a bit of a tradition for us to watch the number of gifts he gives out as he goes through the planet and starts to close in on Canada and send Dean on his way to bed).

So far this year you can watch the elf conveyor belt, Santa dive, the sleigh gift race, learn about traditions of the world, and watch a video on Santa getting ready.

The website is almost as fun... if not more:

Get it on Google Play